Wim Crouwel Presentation

Wim Crouwel Presentation

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Design Process

 Some issues that I ran into when I encountered WordPress was that it wasn’t representative of Me. I wanted viewers to to see a piece of me when they looked on my page. It took me around 48 hours to get my site to look presentable as well as something I’m proud of. As a solution I asked some of my peers for tips on how to change the way mine looked, I also looked up other people’s word presses to make sure I wasn’t unknowingly plagiarizing. I now feel confident of my own WordPress. I feel that nobody is ever done editing their WordPress due to the fact that things are always changing, as well as making new pieces of art. 

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Finalized Grid builder Alphabet Systems

This gallery contains 2 photos.


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PSG Design Process

Mood Board:

For my design process I decided to do research about personal survival guides that already exist to make sure I’m neither copying the format or the layout. What I found during this process is that majority of the psg’s look fairly similar, so I saved a couple images to make sure I didn’t fall into that familiar category. I also have a mood board above for inspiration of certain aspects I’d like to try out on my own So I can incorporate it into my Personal Survival Guide. 

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Second Number Form

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After reflecting on my daily schedule, I’ve realized that I spend too much time watching tv shows and movies. I lose track of time which results in my having to stay up later at night to finish my work. I actually began to change my habits this past Friday. I made myself a new rule that i can only watch a single show for every 3 assignments I get done and published, I have a friend enforcing the rule so i don’t go back on my rule.

From my knowledge of design processes, I have gathered that there different design processes. The basic gist of it is that it is a series of steps that people follow when they are trying to solve a problem. My personal process of designing is to do a bunch of thumbnail sketches to get an idea of what I want, then I do a few rough sketches until I know exactly what I want to do and how, after I finish that I move on the the final piece. I don’t think I want to nor do I feel I need to change my work process, it’s working for me fine so far.

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Number forms

ijahne typography

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Reactions to laser cutter art


Standley Eric, (Unnamed) 2014, Cut paper,  20″x20″, stained glass windows created entirely from laser-cut paper.

In Standley’s pieces he stacks over 100 sheets which involve months of planning, drawing, and assembly. My initial reaction to his work is that of a Gothic church, Which I found surprising considering I later found out that his inspiration actually derives from Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation. I admire how intricate every layer of paper is throughout the piece. click here to view website.


Theilke Jason, “laser etching” (July 16, 2012)  Thinkspace Art Gallery and as prints on his website.

Jason’s work intrigues me because of all the organic lines that drags out the image itself. His work gives a sweet cross between geometric and organic, the two balance each other out instead of fighting for dominance.

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Research Techniques and Resources



When I am at a loss during an assignment. I go on to the sites you see above for inspiration whether it be for an essay, an art assignment, or a personal project. These assignments help me a lot when I have part of an idea but not sure how to piece it together for a finished piece.

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definitions and examples of professional vocabulary


  • linear perspective: a system of creating an illusion of depth on a flat surface. All parallel lines in a painting or drawing using this system converge in a single vanishing point on the composition’s horizon line.


  • line weights: is the visual lightness, darkness, or heaviness of a line within a drawing. In any architectural drawing, from a sketch to a construction drawing, the interplay of different relative line weights is used to communicate depth, importance, and proximity.


  • balance: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.


  • harmony: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.


  • rhythm: a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.


  • proportion: the correct, attractive, or ideal relationship in size or shape between one thing and another or between the parts of a whole.


  • unity: a thing forming a complex whole.


  • atmospheric perspective: also called Aerial perspective, method of creating the illusion of depth, or recession, in a painting or drawing by modulating color to simulate changes effected by the atmosphere on the colors of things seen at a distance.
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