In My Book…

In this piece there are many things that I wanted to capture. For my book I decided to choose a memory in which me, my boyfriend and my grandmother spent the day watching movies. In order to convey the feeling of a movie I decided to border my images inside a movie reel. Each photo flowing off the other as my story continues. The cover of my piece is called ” The 3 Musketeers”, because the 3 three of us were together having a wonderful time. I used minimal line weights in this piece because I wanted to keep it as clean and straight forward as possible. The ” credits” on the last page conveys who was there that day. In the first page it’s meant to depict the space we were all in, We had a floor full of pillows and covers in front of a 6 ft tv.


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6 Rough drafts

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Best Weekly Sketches

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Best Design Challenges

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File Management

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Wim Crouwel Presentation

Wim Crouwel Presentation

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Design Process

 Some issues that I ran into when I encountered WordPress was that it wasn’t representative of Me. I wanted viewers to to see a piece of me when they looked on my page. It took me around 48 hours to get my site to look presentable as well as something I’m proud of. As a solution I asked some of my peers for tips on how to change the way mine looked, I also looked up other people’s word presses to make sure I wasn’t unknowingly plagiarizing. I now feel confident of my own WordPress. I feel that nobody is ever done editing their WordPress due to the fact that things are always changing, as well as making new pieces of art. 

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Finalized Grid builder Alphabet Systems

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PSG Design Process

Mood Board:

For my design process I decided to do research about personal survival guides that already exist to make sure I’m neither copying the format or the layout. What I found during this process is that majority of the psg’s look fairly similar, so I saved a couple images to make sure I didn’t fall into that familiar category. I also have a mood board above for inspiration of certain aspects I’d like to try out on my own So I can incorporate it into my Personal Survival Guide. 

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Second Number Form

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