Reactions to laser cutter art


Standley Eric, (Unnamed) 2014, Cut paper,  20″x20″, stained glass windows created entirely from laser-cut paper.

In Standley’s pieces he stacks over 100 sheets which involve months of planning, drawing, and assembly. My initial reaction to his work is that of a Gothic church, Which I found surprising considering I later found out that his inspiration actually derives from Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation. I admire how intricate every layer of paper is throughout the piece. click here to view website.


Theilke Jason, “laser etching” (July 16, 2012)  Thinkspace Art Gallery and as prints on his website.

Jason’s work intrigues me because of all the organic lines that drags out the image itself. His work gives a sweet cross between geometric and organic, the two balance each other out instead of fighting for dominance.

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