For this piece I really wanted to tell A small story. This piece is a mixture with realism and geometric style. I wanted to show how much I’ve grown into a more open person. I chose to do two self-portraits to show the change in my personality. I also chose the picture with my face straight to help push the point of my growth. The image of my younger self inside the thick triangle is all black and different shades of grey to show how conservative I was in the past. The present representation of me is all in color to depict myself as happy, open, and free. I don’t have a lot of different line weights because I wanted a really clean piece. I chose to leave the triangle white on the present me because I wanted to make them almost opposite but still be associated with one another. The pastels were the most challenging part of this project due to the fact that I’ve never used pastels for skin tone before. I did a lot of research on skin tones to make sure I was coloring/ shading correctly. In addition to research I asked my peers for their advice. Overall I loved this project even with the difficulties I faced because I learned to shade and blend with colors. This semester has groomed me more than I thought was possible. I’m creating pieces of art that I didn’t think I could do at the beginning of the year, I intend to keep soaking up everything I’m going to learn in the future as well as continuing to sharpen my new found skills.

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