For my project I decided to make a 2 part project by having a sculpture off to the side while having a small hobbit house with a wire bonsai tree as the center. It’s almost like a mini pasture for a small person. For the sculpture portion, I ran into difficulties when it came to making the shape due to the fact that I haven’t thought heavily on 3D forms until this project. The wire bonsai trees took about 5-6 hours each to do. They took so long for me because you have to continuously manipulate the shape until it looks the way you want it, so that involves doing it then undoing the wire to add to it, etc. The house is made out of a wire armature that I stuffed with paper and wrapped in masking tape. Once that was done I glued the false grass onto it. The pond holds actual water inside of it. The process for this was carving a dent into the wood then cleaning up the edges to round them correctly. Once that was finished I made a clay border to make the pond taller, then baked it to make the clay sturdy and hard. Once all pieces were finished and sanded/painted I used epoxy to make the clay stay. I didn’t use regular glue because it wouldn’t have held the water. Overall I feel I did a very nice job with the execution of this project.

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