Comic strip

The Golden Chain

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In my piece I practiced a lot with skin tonalities and shading on the colored version of my comic. I used a variety of chat bubbles to help portray the mood of each scene. For example, the black chat bubble is portraying internal thoughts, and the spiked chat bubble means that he’s angry.  I used different shades of blue in the clouds to help give it more depth. I did the same for the tree.  Around the island I put curvy lines to show the water that the land was in. I wanted to break the blue background a bit. The main characters are King Olorun, and  Obatala. I gave king Olorun more of a clean look to show that he is to be taken seriously, I also made his pants purple because that is seen as a royal color. Obatala has a scruffy facial hairs to show that he is more of a free spirit. My photoshop skills have immensely improved since I first arrived at Alfred. I am still learning to shade in areas to make them look realistic. As for traditional art I have grown in that area as well, I’ve learned to take every single line into consideration. I am more able to properly articulate why I made certain decisions about my work, then proceed to critique it.

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