reflection ijahne

In this piece I decided to mainly focus on shadows and how to differentiate the values of grey so you can tell what the different objects are. In the lower left hand corner is where my reflection began and due to the position I was in, while sitting at the window the window seal looks out of proportion with my shadow reflection, but it wasn’t. I didn’t draw my face due to how dark it was looking out the window nor did I draw an active person/ vehicle outside is because there weren’t any. I chose to do very heavy line weights for the tree branches to help draw your eyes to the center of the page and then fan out. My piece is unintentionally sectioned, but still assists with my plan to have the tree be the first attention grabber. I drew a mermaid because before I began this project I was practicing drawing for the bone study project and that was still on my mind when I began. Afterwards I took a break and my 3 year old brother video chatted me and I ended up drawing him in the corner as well. I could improve my piece by going even further with my shading to really give it a better sense of depth and life to the image.

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