Biography of Serwa

Serwa: Original meaning;Noble Woman;Goddess of resourcefulness and courage

Gamab: God of death

Olorun: God of all other Gods

Once a there was a beautiful, peaceful, statuesque woman named Serwa who resided in Africa. While she was still just a human, a male God named Gamab fell in love with the way she carried herself under the harsh conditions of lack of rainfall and extremely hot climates. Gamab was so driven by his love for her that he chose to inflict her with sickness so they could be together. She grew very ill and eventually went blind. He was forced to witness the suffering of his love and couldn’t bare it. He wanted to help so badly that he abused his power yet again to visit her in a dream and told her she could let go, but she did not. Instead she flourished in health after almost a year of fighting her illness. The God was so amazed by her perseverance yet upset that his plan failed. Before Serwa lost her sight she learned 3 types of fighting strategies based on her other senses so she could protect herself from those with bad intentions, although she didn’t use her skills unless they proved absolutely necessary. Gamab was so irritated with how she persevered through all of his plans that he traveled to the human world and stifled her until her last breathe left her body, Gamab broke the rules of never harming a mortal as well as making her a Goddess. Once Olorun who is the supreme God caught word of Gamab’s treachery,  He was punished to live countless lifetimes of sickness and disease. Serwa forgave Gamab because she felt he made her stronger despite the way it was handled. Even though she originally did not belong there she was welcomed by all. Serwa was a peaceful God, her role was to help struggling mortals who needed assistance as she saw fit. She thought it a blessing and a curse to become a Goddess yet was stripped of her life without a moments notice.


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