1 How are structure and flow related in your marionette?-The structure of my piece is made to synchronize with the flow of the arachnid marionette that I made in a way that it looks like the legs move everywhere as an actual scorpion does.

2 Fantasy is a dominant characteristic of creative flow because it generates more than one idea. List the ideas your marionette generates.-The idea I was trying to portray was a glow in the dark scorpion. While researching for what animal I was going to choose, I came across a scorpion and I read that scorpions glow in the dark, but nobody knows the exact reason why. That alone intrigued me enough to make one of my own.

3 Design has a basic structural vocabulary – size shape and linear sequencing are enhanced with color and technique to compose an illusion of form. Did you make any of these decisions?-To portray the glow in the dark scorpion I folded all the colorful paper I had inside out so you could only see the softer shades of it. I felt it would show the glow part of it. I also made the marionette out of triangles to show the scales and sleight geometric feel to the animal.

4 Flow can be the pleasure of the creative process, balance, awareness, appreciation and understanding. How do you describe your creative process?-My creative process consisted of how I was going to make my piece move and which animals would be the best choice for that purpose as well as how I could make the whole thing look soft but hard.

5 Relationships are more about compliments between differences. What are the differences of your marionette?-My differences in the marionette is how small my piece is from a typical marionette, as well as how much pieces I used compared to the others, yet mine was one of the few that was detailed and color coordinated.

6 Elements – visual adjectives – line, shape, color, size, texture, values, emptiness (white space), form. Write an objective description of your marionette.-The triangular shapes I used marries well with the type of marionette I chose to make due to the fact that a scorpions have a hard structured shell. It also goes well with the shape of the scorpion as well. The texture of the arachnid came out to be similar to the texture that formed whilst making the creature. I used the soft shades of the colors for the animal because I know that They glow in the dark.

7 It is important that the various elements of your design have relationships, or ways in which they correspond, expand or simply support each other. Explore the possible patterns and shapes you have used with origami. Which have the most potential and why? Is one pattern clearly standing out, or are there others that might work?- I used a constant shape throughout the entire piece. The persistence of the shape worked with the piece I made because of how an actual scorpion is shaped.

8 How has the modular design strengthened your marionette?-The modular design strengthened my marionette by giving it the scale shape.

9 Principles are the general underlying truths that are relevant in any culture and in any time. These are the fundamental laws, rules, or basic ethics that support change and growth in the natural world. In design, principles support the flow of elements and include balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, unity, and order. Add the principles to your design’s description.- I made the tail/stinger of the scorpion almost twice as big than the body because I felt that the stinger should be able to reach a little ways in front of the head and behind the body. Other than the exaggerated tail, the proportions of the rest of the body were distributed well.

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