Linear Day questions

– How do the lines I used enhance or embellish the story of my day? The thickness of the lines help to show the importance of the events as the story is told.
– Is there a consistent look to my image? My image has a consistent look to it which helps move the story along.
– How does that consistent look or absence of a consistent look help or hinder the final work?The consistency in my work helps my final image by showing the viewer what’s going on so they don’t get lost in the image.
– What means did I use to show that my day is composed of continuous events/movement? The means I used was the thickness of the lines as well as different shading gradients to help the events move along the pages.
– How creative was my final work?My final piece was very creative due to the fact that I had a variety of shapes and images that blended well together which showed the thought that was into it.
– IS there any mistake or poor craftsmanship in the final work that is distracting? – – How does it distract from your work? I messed up on the thickness of the lines when doing the symbol for the hospital, it doesn’t necessarily distract from the work, but I could have done it better.
– Will you submit the work with the distractor? Why?Yes I will submit the work with the “distracter” because as I said before it doesn’t take away from the image itself.

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